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Planet Aid in USA

 Planet Aid is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Environment and creating sustainable Development in Africa and Asia.

They collect and recycle used clothing and shoes in 19 states in the USA. Items donated to Planet Aid are resold and proceeds are used to support education, community Development and HIV/AIDS programs in Africa and Asia.
They partner with individuals, schools, organizations, companies and government agencies to inform about and contribute to community based Development.
Clothes Collection and Awareness Campaigns in USA
Planet Aid, Inc. is the US American member of Humana People to People. With an clothes collection system of 11.000 boxes in 20 states in the USA, the organization makes it easy for people to combine protection of the Environment with supporting Development in impoverished countries. Planet Aid receives grants for from government agencies, and has supported 60 Development projects in 15 countries with more than 60 million $. Planet Aid also cooperates with schools, businesses and organizations in USA.

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Planet Aid collection bin

Planet Aid collection bin

Our steel collection bins are custom made and are designed for safe and easy use. They feature a large security chute at the front, similar to that used for a mailbox. Clothing bags and loose items go into the chute, but it is impossible for others to reach in and remove them. We know that having a secure collection bin is a key functional quality. Simple donation instructions are painted onto the front plate of the security chute.

The bins have approximately a 4 x 4 footprint and stand 7 feet tall, roughly the size of a soda machine. Planet Aid carries liability insurance to cover the bins. Our insurance agent will issue a liability insurance certificate should you request it.

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